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Gloss is a surface’s attribute of directly reflecting light and the degree of this reflected light is termed glossiness. The IG-320 measurement angle is set at the 60° standard angle allowing discerning even the lowest levels of gloss and providing a definite numerical value for glossiness. The IG-320 provides accurate and instantaneously measurement from low gloss matte surfaces to the highly polished texture for such operations management areas as floor maintenance, polishing, and coating. Up to 99 measurements can be taken with a simple key operation and averaged using another key. Up to 99 averages can be stored for later use. Easy data management promises smooth inspection work. Because the IG-320 does not require the use of special measuring technology, it can easily be used by anyone.

Gloss meters reflect light when exposed to a surface. The intensity of this reflected light is measured as gloss. The Horiba IG-320 Gloss Meter, # 3014081377 provides a measured value to confirm visual observations reducing human error. Applications vary widely from floor maintenance, floor polishing, and marble polishing, to quality control of paint finishes on cars and appliances. Calibrations are performed using a black glass standard. The operation is simple and the user does not need to have any technical knowledge. The meter is laid on the surface to display the gloss value instantaneously. The Gloss Checker Horiba measurement angle is set at 60 degrees.


  • Gloss Checker Horiba Includes meter, calibration plate, batteries
  • Incident angle: 60 degree
  • Reception angle: 60 degree
  • The IG-320 is very accurate with a ± 0.5% reproducibility capability at full scale
  • Averages up to 99 data points
  • Easy, one key operation for measurements and data storage..
  • View saved data on the display by scrolling to the numbered data point.
  • The protective cap holds the black glass calibration plate and protects the meter detection area.
  • The IG-320 is Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) compliant.
  • Battery life: 15 hours of continuous operation



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