• Pantone Formula Guide  Solid  Coated & Uncoates

    Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated

    • Two-guide set with 2135 colors
    • 294 New PANTONE Colors printed on both coated
      and uncoated paper
    • Match PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS) Solid Colors
      on press

  • Capatch Strip

    Capatch Strip

    Capatch© is an ink volume tester for anilox rolls. 

    This one-time tool provides a fast and reliable method of testing rolls to determine the current ink volume level of the cells.

    Medium volume 5 to 25 cc/m2 and 3 to 15 BCM/inch2 (dark blue – orange strip).

  • Dyne Test Pens Kit for Poly Films

    Dyne Test  Pens  are special liquid mixtures that allow assessing the level of adherence of a liquid on a plastic surface. Used mainly in the Laboratory, they allow accurate measuring of the effects of corona treatment

  • FLEXO Color Guide Edition X

    The FLEXO Color Guide Edition X takes the guesswork out of printing your corrugated boxes - because your ink samples are printed on actual corrugated linerboard, using current mill production roll stock.



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